An important place in the offer of company BS Computer is the “turnkey” IT solution service. This type of service includes all activities from designing the entire IT infrastructure of the enterprise, procurement and installation of equipment to making the network infrastructure (passive and active part).
The procurement and installation of operating systems and application software on computers and servers in your company are done with adequate user training for maximum utilization of the system. Concerning the implementation of this solution, we are able to integrate the systems for VoIP telephony, video surveillance (DVR / NVR), time and attendance, access control, etc.
With the implementation of a “turnkey” IT solution we avoid the typical problems that are quite common when the infrastructure and implementation of IT solutions are done by multiple performers (lack of project documentation, software incompatibilities, lack of network resources because of poor design capacity, etc.)


Outsourcing is a way of providing services, which allows your company to instead of owning the IT sector, hire with contract our company which provides services related to information technologies, in order to reduce IT costs. Some of the advantages are that you do not need to have full-time employees, to invest in their training, or to worry if you have to engage a sufficient number of employees with the necessary skills … Our engagement can be on-site or remotely directly from our company (which reduces the response time to minimum). Also, clients in addition have constant IT support we provide and the services of remote monitoring and maintenance of the system for proactive action, in order for you to have the maximum trusted environment for work.

This way of doing business carries some risks, so it is necessary to choose a company that fully justifies given confidence. BS computer has over one hundred satisfied clients who use this type of service, and that number is constantly on the rise. Services that can be performed via the Internet include server administration and network technical support to users, making desktop and web applications, or certain segments thereof, processing and data conversion, IT consulting …

Software development services

The software can be divided into a software of general-purpose and special-purpose software. As each company uses its unique business processes, rules and data flows, software which is used in business should reflect the processes and rules of the company and relies on a database which reflects the data flow of the company. Therefore, special cause software designs are based on the client’s requirements and fully support the client’s business. Within its Department of Software Engineering BS Computer provides you with the service of designing, developing and implementation of information systems for various purposes in accordance with your needs. In addition, there is the possibility of implementing some of the ready-made solutions or some of our partner companies. That being said we offer IT consulting services that guarantee finding and implementing functional and financially optimal solutions for your company. We offer among other things sales possibility and consulting regarding legalization and the purchasing of the legal softwares from world’s leading manufacturers of application softwares.