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Product description

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security is an endpoint protection platform that uses multiple technologies  to proactively protect your computers against unknown and known threats.

  • Blocks zero-hour malware and ransomware: Reduces the chance of data loss and saves on IT resources by protecting against zero-hour malware and ransomware that traditional security solutions miss.
  • Removes all traces of malware: Employs linking technology and delete-on-reboot to remove all traces of malware,including malware artifacts.
  • Stop malicious websites: Prevents access to known malicius IP addresses so that end users are proactively protected from downloading malware, hacking attempts, redirects to malicious websites, and malvertising.
  • Frees up IT resources: Maintains productivity by preserving system uptime and reducing the need for reimaging. Reduces the burden on the IT department.
  • Closes Apple security gap: Removes malware and adware quickly from Mac endpoints with a separate remidiation-only client. Cleans OS X systems in less than flexible deployment using popular Mac management solutions.

Malware Breach Remediation is threat detection and remediation platform that completly removes advanced threats from enterprise computers, including Macs.

  • Hunts for malware: Discovers new and undetected malware and rapidlz remediates it. Uses Malwarebytes behavioral rules and heuristics to detect zero-day malware. Accesses indicator of compromise (IOCs) from third-party breach detection tools and repositories from comprehensive detection.
  • Remediates malware throughly: Removes all traces of infections and related artifacts, notjust the primary payload or infector. Eliminates risk of new attacks or lateral movements that capitalize on leftover malware traces.Malwerbytes is the de facto indistry leader in malware remediation-trusted by millions and proven by
  • Reduces downtime drastically: Enables you to direct efforts toward more important projects, versus spedning countless hours resolving malware-related incidents and re-imaging hardware across your enterprise.
  • Reduces threat dwelll time: Detects advanced threats that your other security layers have missed, closing the window between discovery and remediation. Reduces exposure to malicious activity
  • Closes Apple security gap: Removes malware and adware quickly from Mac endpoints. Cleans  up OS X systems in less than a minute from start to finish. Separate GUI and command line programmes enable flexible deployment using popular Mac management solutions (e.g., Apple Remote desktop, Casper Suite, Munki). Allows remote, automated operation using shell, or AppleScript  commands. System administators and incident responders  can collect system information using convenient Snapshot command.